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Here is the Online Portfolio showcasing the works of Female Artist Amanda “Mandy” Snyder. Born & Raised in Michigan, Mandy started her career as a Professional Tattoo Artist in 2003. Mandy is interested in networking with Artists from all over the globe. She makes it a point to travel more & more so she can absorb techniques used by others apart of this growing Industry. Mandy strives to educate herself, and always Giving Her Best with each any everyone project presented her way!

Mandy offers a Wide Range of Diversity when it comes to labeling a particular style. As a a Custom Artist she does not limit herself or her collectors to the endless possibilities that can be created on the skin. Mandy enjoys Portraits, Photo Realism, Pin-ups, Horror Themed, American Traditional,  Japanese, Cover-Ups, Color Work, Black & Grey, and Girly Tattoo Work.

Mandy can be found @

Lucky Monkey Tattoo


308 S. Ashley

Ann Arbor, MI 48104